Analysis is the first step when you take your business down the social lane. It is not a successful social media campaign if you cannot measure it.


Right from understanding the nuances of the social platforms to the dynamics of your industry, the actions of your competitors, existing sentiments of the virtual chit chat, your first step is to equip yourself to handle the unknown.

Our Social Media Analysts, equipped with latest tools & knowhow, paint a picture in black and white before we draft a strategy for you. Like we say it here quite often, we leave nothing to chance or luck.


The visible results vis-à-vis the real objectives need close scrutiny to fully understand how a campaign panned out. Numbers don’t mean anything in isolation, it is the relativity of one number with another that exposes the real worth of a campaign. We crunch numbers from all the possible sources & correlate them to equip ourselves to truly measure the success or, very rarely, the failure of a strategy.

From Reach of our Page vis-à-vis our posts, to the level of engagement on particular type of posts made at particular times during the day, and night, we factor in all probable dynamics.

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